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orca triathlon wetsuits

October 26, 2011

Orca is really a New-Zealand based company which specializes in manufacturing sporting apparels, primarily wetsuits for triathletes.


Orca was founded in 1993 in Auckland, New-Zealand by Scott Unsworth. He was obviously a former age triathlon champion in New-Zealand. Similar to Emilio De Soto, he soon started his or her own clothing company when he was not able to obtain sufficient quality triathlon clothing. Presently, he’s the CEO from the ever-growing company.

World revolutionizing wetsuits

Orca is recognized for as a leader and a trendsetter in introducing new technological products in the sport of triathlon. Orca was the initial company to add neoprene technology in their wetsuits. The advantage of neoprene will be the increased buoyancy it offers a superior as a result of tiny air pockets trapped in it. Orca was also the first to introduce breathable neoprene which allows heat and moisture to get conducted away from the wearer while remaining water resistant. This know-how is incorporated in their Orca 3.8 triathlon wetsuit.

Sonar Wetsuit

To this day, the Sonar Wetsuit remains their best-selling wetsuit. This wetsuit is recognized all over the world as a bold statement of innovative and productive intelligence.

Composed of BioCell; a dense structure material, it delivers superior balance of buoyancy and flexibility. BioCell can be a high quality neoprene and in addition to an enhanced SCS coating, this suit has been confirmed to resist the test of your time. The inner layer consists of PowerReach; a flexible and durable jersey. Its water-tight thermal smoothskin and anti-chafe neck tube elevates comfort and prevents water entry. In conjunction with DeltaStretch Shoulder Panel, HyperStretch Underarm and MultiStretch inner lining, it provides an excellent mobility.

For the people seeking a top performance wetsuit, in just a fairly reasonable budget, the Sonar triathlon wetsuit could possibly be your inevitable destination.

Orca Apex 2

Orca set the benchmark within the triathlon promote for wetsuits again if this launched their fastest and versatile wetsuit known as the “Orca Apex 2”.

Orca triathlon wetsuits features the world-first Airlite SCS Body panel which possesses technically manufactured air cavities enclosed inside the neoprene. Once the neoprene collaborates with it, the neoprene becomes 25% more buoyant which enables the swimmer to be in the optimum swimming position.

A variety of other panels comprising varying thickness of neoprene take hold inside the crucial elements of the wetsuit.

This complete technological know-how combine together to optimize your effort level.

Orca 3.8

Triathlon wetsuits features the world-first breathable neoprene that allows heat and moisture being conducted outside the swimmer, while remaining water repellent.

5mm panels surrounding the torso region is said to boost buoyancy by around 30%. This puts the torso as well as the legs in a optimal swimming position. Additional panels on the wetsuit promote flexibility and ease of movement.

You may be at the very top athlete or even the regular person, the Orca 3.8 wetsuit will help you to gain amount of time in the lake.

Orca Alpha

The Orca Alpha Wetsuit provides a truly new experience unlike any other. Along with many of the world’s best triathletes, the Orca Alpha Wetsuit is engineered to improve performance.

The neoprene panels are technically crafted to provide maximum flexibility and buoyancy. Using the incorporation of Exocel; a cutting-edge new material, the buoyancy levels are greatly increased and supplies unparalleled flexibility. The Exocel is lined with smooth neoprene to increase level of comfort.

This sort of seeking a wetsuit of cutting-edge technology, here is the ideal wetsuit.

How can Orca make your decision decision easier?

Orca gives a very thorough and informative size chart inside their stores to help those who find themselves for the quest of searching out the perfect Orca wetsuit.

With your cutting-edge technology redefining products, Orca continues to be constantly raising the bar to unparalleled levels for the other wetsuit manufacturers.


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